the flip and the flop


I haven’t been taking a lot of pictures.  I HAVE been enjoying life with my little ones and my hubby.  I love having the face-to-face with them. cherishing the little moments…in real time. I convince myself that this is important. necessary. lovely. precious moments that will never come again.


I miss having things documented…so that on any day at any time I can simply look at a picture and remember those cherished moments. I miss having the pictures to tell a story to our loved ones. I’m sad that most of little bit’s pictures are from a phone and Bug has “real” photos from my fancy big camera…which I still have but is constantly out of reach.

I have pictures from big things like the pumpkin patch, halloween, birthdays…but I miss things like Friday night when we took just Bug out for pizza and gift-buying…trying to teach him how to think of and buy things for other people that will warm their hearts.  I wish I had taken just one photo…of us all sitting around eating slices of pizza bigger than our faces…but I don’t…and a part of me (flip) realizes I will never forget it and I was there…in the moment with him…but I also want to show him these special times when he gets older (flop).  During holidays, birthdays, etc…I sometimes feel removed…trying to get that perfect picture…you know…the one that will be blown up to full size and encapsulates the feeling of the moment…I feel like I miss little precious things…but otherwise I don’t have the lovely photo that reminds me and them of that day…that time…that feeling.  <<SIGH>>

Any one else struggle with this?!  Any suggestions?


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