oh so much sickness.  fevers. gross phlegm. short tempers. lots of snotty snuggles. bug crying big fat slow tears because beastie is humming for a kiss and he can’t give her one because he doesn’t want to get her sick.

I don’t get sick. I’m super-mom!!! Just kidding!

No really, I don’t get sick, though.  

I think God does that on purpose.  He gives me the time that my kiddos and hubby are sick to love on them in ways I don’t usually do. He gives me the time to re-evaluate what’s important, because snuggles with a sick baby will always trump anything on my to-do list. He gives me the time to stop, breathe and really listen to what they have to say, to really see them. He gives me the time to show my husband that I will always take the time to love on him too.

I hate being helpless to their sickness, but I am more nurturing, more loving, less task-oriented and more “here” when they are under the weather.

I pray they get better. I pray that I continue to be “here”.

here are cute pictures from before the sickness at the pumpkin patch…

Image Image


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