Driving home…

in the past week I’ve seen 2 cars I wanted to take pictures of…but I’m a responsible driver and didn’t pull out my cell to snap the picture of random peoples bumpers.  Because of that…you have to make do with my (badly) photo-shopped versions.


xminivan xminicooper

hahaha…”I used to be cool” on a minivan…a blue mini-cooper with Baker St and Dr Who references…seriously who stole my car?!

Okay now that I’ve had my fun.  We are just really living life here. Honestly, I want to be generic and say, “God is doing some pretty incredible stuff right now.”  Really, Amy?!  what?  It’s true, He is.  But I had a rough night last night.  I was short of patience when I came home and things didn’t go according to my plan for the evening.  By the time Love got home I was just ready to curl up and sleep.  Which I did (after a nice glass of wine).

Thank you God for being my maker, sustainer, provider and peaceful resting place.  Help me to remember as I drive home each day that You are my comfort, help and shelter.  Help me to show my little ones your love everyday…no matter how short I feel. I want them to know You, love You and know that they are loved by You beyond their wildest imaginations.

Going into the weekend…that’s all I really have to say about that.


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