Organization for the unorganized.

I am not inherently organized or real into schedules.  I swing between wanting to rid our life of clutter just to think and picking up do-dads for crafting and beautiful art for walls that don’t have space.  I even hate cleaning…honestly usually only do it for guests (all guests say thank you now).

In the past I have epically failed on all counts.

But, as with most mommas and wives, nothing motivates better than wanting the best for our kids and family.

With that, enter the organization and lists.  Lists are now everywhere in the house.  I even got to use the aforementioned do-dads to make the lists.  Bug loves to cross stuff off a list…so if this helps his little heart with everyday things…then it will be a part of our life.

sign1   sign2

As for the rest of it…trying to find storage to lay out clothes for the week.  Our schedule has changed dramatically and I’m being pretty strict about sticking to it.  I want him to feel like his little world has order when he is home.

In all other things organization realm…I’m working on it.  In the cleaning realm, I found something I like…Norwex.  No chemicals, only a wet cloth to clean and sanitize.  Like magic…magic for the real world…which makes my little Harry Potter heart a-flutter.  I will show you more on a later post…


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