I am not a planner.

I am not a Type-A personality.

I am not great at letting go of worry.

I often become concerned with little things that seem like big things in my mind. 

I forget that God has me exactly where He wants me.

I forget that He knows where I’m headed.

I forget that He knows the desires of my heart.

He doesn’t tease me with the unknown.

He asks me to trust Him. In all things. At all times.

I love reading blogs. I think it makes me a better mom. At the same time I sometimes struggle with wanting to be someplace else, doing something else, hopefully better.

I like the changes we are making.  I think know God is stirring something in us. Something great. We are being more patient with our little ones.  More loving. More fun.  We’ve missed that for a while.  Bug went to his first real baseball game.  Loved it.  I want more experiences…less stuff.  We are getting there, but not there yet.  God is so good, to show us where He wants to take us, lead us by the hand, and when we freak out at how slow or fast we are moving…He waits for us to breathe.




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